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Minja Popovic - Darmiomoon

Minja Popovic

Brand owner and fashion designer

Darmiomoon was founded in 2020. with the vision of providing comfortable clothing made from natural silk and a range of garments designed to break the monotony and bring authenticity and beauty of natural materials into our surroundings.

Darmiomoon offers unique fashion pieces that guarantee you’ll stand out and
be noticed. We embrace a free-spirited, boho style and emphasize
authenticity through vibrant colors and patterns. Our inspiration comes from women
who express their own individuality through a creative and unique style.

In addition to the finest materials we use, such as silk, cotton, and viscose, we pay special attention to the incredible design that will set you apart, make your style stand out and give you the power to shine in any occasion. Feminine, irresistible,
unstoppable, natural and unique is what drives us.

Darmiomoon is inspired by women who choose to flirt with life without limitations, freely dressed in natural materials and unusual pieces, women who are not afraid to be different, natural, and true to themselves.
Our mission and goal

Our mission hasn’t changed since the beginning and we’re proud to say it works!
By overseeing the entire process from fiber to finished clothing, we are proud of our leading fabrics and sustainability technologies.
We have seen the acceptance of our pieces, and we have experienced the creativity and gentleness of silk.

The brand is built and will continue to be built on a steadfast social, ethical, and environmental consciousness with the goal of contributing to a better future!

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