Darmiomon - Silk, Viscose, Cotton


  • 100% natural! Silk can be recycled, it is durable and long-lasting. Silk is biodegradable and by wearing this kind of clothing you are helping the planet recover from the pollution that the fast fashion industry has brought.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic! It can help reduce the impact of allergens on the skin.
  • Silk does not irritate the skin and is great for maintaining proper hydration because its insulating properties reduce moisture loss from the body.
  • It adapts to the body! Besides the fact that you are going to look magnificent in silk pieces, silk is thin and very light, so it adapts to the body temperature during warm and cold months.
  • Viscose is also hypoallergenic! Besides preventing allergens, clothing made of viscose is smooth, shiny, and soft to the touch. It is comfortable to wear and does not cause static. It allows air through and adapts to your movements.
  • The combination of silk and viscose provides a feeling of pleasure on the skin! Silk and viscose allow air to go through and they will make your skin breathe.
  • Natural materials are easy to maintain and they last for years! With our timeless design, they will perfectly adapt to your unique, authentic style.


  • Cotton allows the skin to breathe and is very comfortable to wear. During fall and winter, that is very important, because we go from warm spaces to cold air and vice versa.
  • Cotton keeps us warm when it’s cold, protects us from wind and rain, and prevents sweating. The fibers that we use for ponchos and kimonos are thicker than those used for summer shirts, so they are harder on the touch, but also warmer.
  • This type of sturdy cotton looks very rich, it is extremely high quality and lasts a lifetime. Maintaining cotton is very easy because it can be washed at 30 degrees in a washing machine and it’s easy to iron it.

Choose materials that will evoke femininity and tenderness in every day of your life.

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